Organization Black Pelican Limited (IL Bagno)
Unit Inventory Management & Deliveries
Job Title Inventory Officer
Job Level Officer
MAIN PURPOSE OF THE JOB/THE ROLE To manage the receipt, storage, issuance and control of various items of IL Bagno’s inventory in line with standards that reduce stock holding costs.


Direct Reports:


  • Delivery
  • Warehouse Loaders
  • Unit Drivers
Reports To:

1st Line Superior:   Head Supply Chain

2nd Line Superior: GM

General Liaison  

  • Staff of all Departments
  •  IL Bagno Customers and Clients
  • Outsourced Loaders
Key Internal Liaison


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Accounts
  • Operations
  • Drivers
  • HR&S
Educational Qualifications /Certification
  • First degree B.Sc in any discipline
Experience:      A minimum of 3-4 years warehouse and inventory experience



  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management and prioritization
  • Drive for results
  • Job Knowledge
  • Customer Focus
  • Initiative & Resourcefulness


JOB TITILE Inventory Officer
Duties & Responsibilities


·         Direct and manage the handling (offloading, unpacking/packaging and stacking) and transportation of items of stock in and out of the IL Bagno warehouses

·         Ensure the correct and timely valuation of the inventory and input inventory information in stock records/documentation (e.g. Excel Spreadsheets, Goods Received Notes etc)

·         Responsible for the management of the warehouse, in line with organisation’s policies

·         Responsible for close monitoring of re-order levels for all categories of IL Bagno products

·         Conduct periodic stock counts and extensive stock taking exercises in line with provisions of the corporate Inventory Management Policies, processes & Procedures

·         Prepare/generate (daily, weekly or monthly) inventory reports, highlighting inventory movements and stock levels

·         Establishment and maintenance of good communication between the stores and other departments such as Operations, Accounts and Sales

·         Ensure orderly arrangement of goods in line with Stock Location System

·         Ensure accurate and correct stock positioning

·         Conduct regular physical random warehouse checks of commodities and inventory

·         Reconciliation of physical stock with the stock in the system

·         Security and safety of products as well as the maintenance of all inventory records and documentation

·         Make and update accurate stock movement records

·         Perform other inventory activities and procedures as directed by Supervisor


Role Specific Competencies/Skills

·         Document & Records Management

·         Inspection skill

·         Inventory Management skill

·         Planning & Organizing

·         Products Knowledge

·         Numeracy

·         Financial Systems Savvy

·         Reporting

Key Result Areas (KRA) ·         To consistently manage the warehouse activities

·         Conduct periodic stock count and checks

·         Ensure the safety of all products in the warehouse

·         To consistently submit inventory reports

·         Ensure orderly arrangement and cleanness of products in the warehouse

·         Supervise the warehouse activities of the warehouse loaders

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Weights
  • Ensure 100% administrative compliance with the warehouse policy process & procedures
  • Achieve zero stock/product return due to errors in release form the warehouse of the wrong stock/product compares to the order specification
  • Timely submission of monthly report on stock audit of stock position against inventory records and warehouse stock position
  • Zero product mismatches due to wrong picking and delivery
  • Ensure 48hrs turnaround time for arranging of warehouse up on receipt of any container
  • Zero Stock Loss/Damage
  • 100% adherence to the turnaround time for delivery picking and packing.
  • Physical  arrangement of warehouse and proper space utilization with easy identification












Financial losses due to pilferages and damage of stock in transit

Material errors and misstatements in submitted Inventory documents and reports

Repeated customer complaints for unsatisfactory inventory practices

Official Queries received without satisfactory responses



Initiation/generation of new business relationships that result in significant sales

Strong customer/client commendation for satisfactory inventory practices

Official Commendations received

Initiation of new inventory management practices resulting in reduction in stock holding & stock out costs