What We Do, What We Offer

At Aquarian Consult, we focus our expertise on our range of services, which includes:

  • Business Development Services
  • Business Plan writing and implementation
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Marketing Strategy formulation and Market Creation
  • Developing Corporate Leadership Potentials
  • Harnessing Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Admin Process Formulation
  • Human Resource Consultancy
  • Corporate recruitment
  • Non-corporate recruitment
  • Executive placements
  • Staff Evaluation
  • Customized HR Solutions
  • Job Opportunities and Placements
  • Management Consulting

Business Development Services

  1. Business process (re) engineering
  2. Business plan writing and implementation
  3. Business Advisory Services

Human Resource Consultancy

  1. Knowledge Management (re)engineering
  2. Employee engagement strategies
  3. HR structure analysis and management
  4. HR advisory
  5. Customized HR consultancy services.


  1. Corporate recruitment,
  2. Non-corporate recruitment,
  3. Executive placements,
  4. Staff evaluation
  5. Customized recruitment solutions


Training is an integral activity in every organization, Aquarian Consult aides companies as well as individuals in various industry sectors in developing and sustaining professional skills. We are determined to suit your needs, which is why we provide customized top-notch training interventions.

Aquarian Consult Limited offers internationally recognized trainings, some include Pitman Training, DPSS, Etisalat Academy and Ocalm.
We offer a unique set of courses, awards, seminars and diplomas to suit your unique needs.
We are aware of the need to have a competitive edge hence our carefully selected range of courses, seminars, awards and diplomas. Whether you are looking to change careers, improve your workforce, return to the workforce, acquire relevant skills or self-development our signature trainings are the best for you. We also specialize in public and private on-site training in the following areas:

  1. Time Management
  2. Sales/Selling Skills
  3. Communication and Inter Personal Skills Development
  4. Marketing Skills
  5. Leadership
  6. Corporate Image/Branding
  7. Customer service
  8. Personnel effectiveness
  9. Financial Planning
  10. project Management
  11. Business Networking
  12. Business Etiquette and other customized training programs developed to suit prospective clients.

Social Empowerment:

Launched in the year 2012, EMPOWER is an initiative consciously designed to effectively empower 30,000 Nigerians by the year 2014.  With the aim of building the capacity of business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and young adults across Nigeria, we are passionate about building a pipeline for growth and development for a teeming population who can initiate and sustain visible influence in their respective fields of endeavors. 17,428 Nigerians have been Empowered.

Learn more on the Empower site